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Originally Posted by Ayoo_snow View Post
I have ho-oh ditto zoroark i need a groudon and if you do an aipom D:
I dont have an aipom, sorry! someone else you need instead, i'm up for it

Originally Posted by GengarKing View Post
I have a bunch that you need for your pokedex zweilous (pretty close to evolving), vullaby, bisharp, larvesta, lots of others.
Something you need for your pokedex?
try making a request instead please : ))

Originally Posted by TheMasterofShinx View Post
Can I give you a Vullaby, Zoroark, and shiny Larvitar for the shiny Lucario (gift for friend) and the shiny (possibly hacked which is fine by me :D) Jirachi
I'm a person who doesn't mind hacked pokemon I actually trade shinys to get ones that are precious to me.
Sounds good, I don't think the Jurachi is hacked, and aware that the Lucario is NOT a hacked, but I'm up for the trade, pm me
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