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    My team is currently in Snowpoint City fighting the Snowpoint Gym trainers. I have breezed through Platinum.

    Fun Fact: My first runthrough I was a noob. I only had an Infernape with Cut, Strength, Rock Climb, and Rock Smash. Needless to say, I hated Candice's Froslass.
    West, on a plane bound west
    I see her stretching out below
    Land, blessed mother land
    The place where I was born

    Scars, she’s got her scars
    Sometimes it starts to worry me
    Cause lose, I don’t want to lose
    Sight of who we are

    From the mountains high
    To the wave-crashed coast
    There’s a way to find
    Better days I know

    It’s been a long hard ride
    Got a ways to go
    This is still the place
    That we all call home