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Caedmon Yeonart

While the short meeting continued going, Caedmon let his gaze brush across the room, spotting both familiar and unfamiliar faces. Even though he had never spoken directly to either Famidus or Alice, he at least knew of them and the specific reasons for them to having their ranks. Most of the other assembled knights and commanders, Caedmon had had a first-hand impression of.

He nodded a little at the various questions, acknowledging every one of them as important enough to be discussed, though even if he hadn’t, it wasn’t his place to say so, since Maverick was in command. As the meeting was wrapped up, Caedmon still seemed rather easec up, but never one hundred percent. There was an air of calm and relaxation about him, but a few different signs showed that he was rather alert at all times. A small twitch of a paw here, a flick of his ear there, all very small things.

As they went out into the meeting hall, he looked up towards the balcony as Maverick had, and promptly bowed his head deeply, allowing Maverick to lead the word. He lifted his head again, folding his arms across his chest, but yet again, stayed quiet, listening to the orders given. Capture at least one enemy soldier, and get their map. He was happy for the new information, however useless it might be if this was indeed another dud.

When Matthew approached Maverick, it didn’t come as a big surprise to Caedmon. He was used to them talking together in private, being friends and all. Caedmon was a bit unsure of Matthew’s intentions on the council, but he knew that he meant things well. As Ludo was ordered to prepare the troops, an emotion crept across his face, though he managed to hide it fairly well afterwards. It wasn’t annoyance or anger of not being picked to prepare them, nor was it frustration. He, for a few moments, had looked amused and curious.

He gave a little nod to himself, sending the Mienshao a glance along with a smile as if to say “Let’s see what you can do” before turning, moving outside and following the remainder of the group to the city gates. As they arrived, he folded his paws behind his back, turning around to peer into the city, his ears twitching a little as he seemingly stared off into nothingness. He liked listening to the sounds and feel the air in his fur at times like this. When he could enjoy it to the fullest.
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