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    Ok, I'm currently playing White and I'm doing good. I'm in the Cold Storage with team Plasma and my team currently looks like this:

    Throh Lv23 (Remove or Train?)
    Darumaka lv26 (Doing excellent)
    Pansage lv29 (Maybe the best of the monkeys, waiting til lv43 to evolve)
    Pignite lv26 (Doing good, but some pokemon in my party might be better)
    Zebstrika lv29. (Performing really good, considering I only use him against types he's effective against, Rash Nature, 192 exp until lv30 btw)
    Archen Lv29. (Was a bit sucky in his first few battles so I exp shared him until he learned Acrobatics, now he's performing great. I'm afraid of sturdy pokemon, though)

    So that's my current team. Is this a good team to face the Gym with? I have a lv24. Vanillite in my PC. Also, I think having two Fire Types isn't going to work out too good for me. But I do plan on taking one of them to the Pokemon League. So which one do you all think I'm going to get more results out of later on? Darumaka or Pignite? Darumaka is hitting hard and OHKO'ing almost everything. Pignite is Flame Charging opponents to take them down in two hits, but with his average defense, he can take the hit harder than Darumaka can to win next turn. Which one to keep? Also, Throh isn't showing much results, Archen can basically do everything Throh can to a Pokemon that Throh's good against. (considering archen knows dig). So, I'm thinking about removing Throh later on for an Axew, and whichever fire type I remove (darumaka or pignite) I'll probably replace for a Cubchoo. Also, give me any other team suggestions you have (who else to take out and other good pokemon I should look to add in). Thanks.