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Originally Posted by DavidJCobb View Post
51 decimal is 0x33 hex.

I think you may have made other mistakes besides assigning the wrong index, as setting a bad index shouldn't break item editors. (Technically speaking, the index was already bad.) Unfortunately, I've no clue what could cause this problem or how to fix it.

Hopefully, you've been creating regular backups of your hack. If not, well... lesson learned. Sorry, mate.
No worries! I didn't have a backup xD! I opened the game with a HEX editor and went to the offset in which the item data is stored in. The first few bytes were rather screwed up, so I changed them with new ones from a clean ROM. I saved and opened the item editor and it worked fine! xD! Thanks for your response though.

I have no idea why the index was 51. The clean ROM I have has the same number. xD!
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