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Echo smiled wickedly as a psychic Pokespirit ran down the ill lit hall of the building he had decided to stay at for that night. He had already slaughtered five other Pokespirits in his effort to “create a vacancy” in the building so he could stay there. She was screaming for help, but she wouldn’t be for long. His dark form suddenly appeared in front of the frantic girl. She had no time to react as he held out his blade toward her chest. A second later she had impaled herself on the dark blade, and before she could pull herself off of the end of the sword, the dark figure released a pulse of concentrated darkness into her body. The dark energy surged inside her, destroying her from the inside. She quickly faded away and the darkness from her body absorbed into Echo.

“What the,” said a voice from an open door down the hall. Looking in the direction of the voice Echo saw two boys and a girl standing at the entrance of the building. They had already started summoning their spirits. One boy’s skin began to form blue and red rocky armor. The second boy started to grow poisonous barbs on his body while his skin changed to purple. Finally the girl began to charge up an electrical attack, which she launched down the hall at Echo who had already begun moving around the corner. The lightning bolt struck the wall behind where Echo had been a few seconds earlier as he moved down the hall. “Stop running you murderer!” yelled the same boy as they started after Echo.

Echo grinned as he moved into one of the inner apartments of the medium sized complex. Forming three small orbs of hazy energy in his right hand he quickly launched them at the lights in the room, shattering the light bulbs. The room became almost pitch black thanks to the lack of windows. Echo then merged into the darkness the best he could as he waited for his pursuers.

“I think he went in here,” said the boy with poisonous barbs on his body and a horn.

“I can’t see a thing… looks like he is trying to hide in the darkness… coward,” said the boy with rock like armor.

“The lights don’t work… let be form an electric ball to light up the room,” said the girl as she summoned up a ball of lightning that started illuminating the room. Just then the door slammed shut and the three turned around to see the dark form blocking the door. The girl launched the ball at the figure striking him in the chest but at the same time making the room go pitch black again.

“That was a mistake,” heard all three inside their heads as the girl franticly started to summon up more lightning. She was able to get enough energy summoned up to light up the room just in time to see the dark creature’s blade about to end her life. She tried to dodge the attack but she didn’t have enough warning and the blade sliced open her throat. She fell to the ground trying to breathe but it was no use.

“Erica! Are you ok? Erica! Answer me… plea… Aaaa,” screamed the poison based boy as he felt the blade cut across his shoulder.

“**** that monster, Dren we can’t fight that thing in here if we can’t… ****” said the rock armored boy as a blast of ghostly energy slammed into him. Backing up next to his poisonous friend the rock armored boy muttered, “It was a trap…”

“We have to get,” responded Dren, but he was cut off by the Echo’s blade cutting his other shoulder.

“Wall coming down let’s get some light in here!” yelled the rock covered boy as he summoned up a pair of boulders and held them in his arms. He then threw the large rocks at a wall and caused it to come crashing down. The sun’s light poured into the room and he grinned. “Dren now’s our chance let’s get this punk!” shouted the Boldore Pokespirit, but there was no response.
Looking around there was no Erica, no Dren, and no sign of their killer. Fear, sadness, and hatred filled the boy as he looked around for the dark figure that had killed his two friends. “Coward come out and fight me!” yelled the rock pokespirit. Just then a blast of dark energy hit him in the back causing him to stumble forward a little. Looking over his shoulder he saw the attacker standing there spinning his Katana by a chain that came off the end of the hilt. The figure had some sort of large hood hiding its face.

“Now that it’s one on one I think I’ll just enjoy this fight,” said the eerie voice, but this time it sounded like it actually came from the figure in front of him. The figure then caught the blade in his hand and suddenly threw into the boy’s chest. The cruel dark energy allowed it to cut deep into the boy’s chest, but it didn’t deliver a killing blow. The Boldore Pokespirit reached over to grab the blade but Echo was faster. Before the Boldore could pull out the sword, Echo charged forward and thrust his left hand into the Rock boy’s face. In the palm of Echo’s hand was a Shadow Ball that exploded on impact sending the Boldore boy backward while Echo gripped his sword. The sword pulled free of the boy’s chest when the boy flew back a few feet from the point blank shadow ball. Recovering his footing the Boldore boy started to summon another boulder, but his dark opponent never gave him the chance. Echo charged the boulder boy and began to unleash a furious assault with his sword. The rock boy started blocking the attacks with his arms while stepping back to try in gain some distance.

Echo pushed the boy back into the darkness just as the rock boy swung his own arm in a jab to break Echo’s crazied offense. The jab caught Echo’s face and forced him back a little and caused his hood to fly back. The rock boy started gathering up energy into his fist turning it into a sharp boulder. Echo held his head down for a second before looking up at the boy. When Echo did look up the boy hesitated as his eyes got big. “What kind of monster are you?” asked the rock based pokespirit as he stared at Echo. Echo’s left side of his face was nothing but darkness with a yellow eye and a wicked grin breaking up the black, but the right side of his face was partially covered in a pale as death layer of “skin.” It looked like Echo had half a face. The boy shook off the shock and thrust his charged up hand right at the creep in front of him. Before the boy could land his attack Echo disappeared into the darkness and suddenly reappeared behind the Rock covered boy.

Echo took his blade and drove it into the rock Pokespirit’s back. Echo aimed for the weakened area there his dark pulse has stricken earlier. The sword to drove deep inside the boy’s back. “Does it matter?” asked Echo as the boy fell to the ground, his rock armor breaking apart and falling off.

“Why are you killing us? What is your goal?” asked the boy as Echo walked over to him to finish the boy off.

“To gain more power,” replied Echo as he drove his blade into the boy’s heart.
“Why?” whispered the boy as he died. Echo looked down at the dissolving body, but didn’t answer. Putting up his hood Echo smiled soon he would have a complete face and he would look human once again, or so he thought…
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