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    First post, thanks for this thread donavannj. Read this and some other theother thread to know how to ask, hope i dont noob it up.

    Just bought a large lot of cards, 749 in total. Cards are from base, jungle,fossil, rocket, and base2. Wanted to ask the worth on a few.

    Base: ( all holo and shadow) 1st edition machamp 8/102, gyarados 6/102,nidoking 11/102, zapdos 16/102, alakazam 1/102

    (Trainer cards) super energy removal79/102, imposter prof oak 73/102,clefairy doll 70/102, pokemon breeder 76/102, item finder 74/102

    Jungle: (all holo) electrode 2/64, kangaskhan 5/64, mr. mime 6/64, pidgeot8/64, snorlax 11/64

    Fossil: hypno 8/62, dragonite 4/62, lapras 10/62, articuno 2/62

    Rocket: holo dark weezing 14/82 & rainbow energy 80/82

    Are non holo 1st editions worth mentioning? I have a 1st edition hypno 23/62from fossil, and other 1st editions from jungle/fossil that are either common or uncommon cards.

    Are promo cards worth anything? Have a mew 8, mewtwo 14, pikachu 4,electabuzz 2, and a holo dark persian 17.

    Finally, I have a 1996 japanese pocket monsters trainer card. Its a rare,has the black star in bottom right. Also has 2 other white stars on it, one ontop of the other. Wish I had 15 posts to put a pic up.

    Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.