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Hey I was wondering if I coud participate under the role of a gym leader.

Name: Vixon Hardsher
Age: 17
Specialised type: Steel.
Vixon his a beefy, muscular young man with thick black hair that is wedged into a traingle-like peak at the front of his face with the rest of his hair flat. He has wispy grey eyes and often wears jeans and polo shirts. He wears a steel bracelet with his name engraved into the flat underside of the bracelet and a small quote reading "Focus, Will, Power." Vixon is relatively tall and does tower over most regular heighted people, but is not however, too tall. He has a somewhat delvoping voice that is slowly evolving into a musky tone. He has a sharp, and refined jaw, slightly resemling that of his Steelix's.

Vixon is a head-strong indivial who will fight to achieve his goals. Matching his strength and determination comes his great sense of strategy and althouh may not look like the type who researches complex strategied for his battles, does impose a prominent and serious threats to challengers who think they can defeat him with sheet force. He his a naturaly humorous and hardworking type and if he sin't seen battiling challengers, training his pokemon, or helping others throughout his gym, he is usually mining for precious ores and minerals which he then refines into many types of jewellery.

History: Vixon originated from Olivine city, with his younger sister Jasmine as Gym Leader of the City. In his youth back then he often trained in the Pokemon Safari Zone and several times with Chuck. He eventualy defeated his sister to claim the Gym, when she decided after the battle that battiling with Pokemon is not what she wanted to do anymore; therefore becoming a highly skilled pokemon nurse/breeder. With past Gym Leader experience Vixon knew that his role as a Gym Leader of the Zivito region would not be extremely hard as he intitally planned when he recieve an invitiation. His father, a miner who regularly travelled to Sinnogh to assist Roark and his father Bryson with their mining. His mother was a sty at home mum, raising his younger brother Matt who has an usual obsession with Diglett.


Scizor-: 45
Iron Head
Bullet Punch
Swords Dance

Steelix-: 46
Iron Tail

Skarmory-: 40
Steel Wing
Double Team

Lucario-: 42
Aura Sphere
Bone Rush
Metal Claw
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