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    Name: Sarah/HoodieDoodie
    Cute Pokémon: Vaporeon + Hoppip
    I've never really been someone for the really strong and buff pokemon, as I prefer visual looks to strength. Despite most cute pokemon not being as strong as others, I always choose them in battle because I love to have a pokemon that I personally like and enjoy battling with rather than one that is there only because its 'strong'. I tend to be discouraged when I don't like something, and even though the highest evolutions kick ass I couldn't care less for most of their looks. Cute pokemon ftw! <3

    Vaporeon and Hoppip because Vaporeon is my all time favourite pokemon (Who is also cute) ans Hoppip because Hoppip is adorable, and I adore all the Hoppips.

    This is a great idea for a club! There were so many pokemon I could've chosen that appeal to my tastes, aha.

    edit: wait, is this club for pokemon that we personally think are cute, or ones that are classified as 'cute' in the game? (you know, the contest cute, where there is also beauty, tough, etc.)
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