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    Let's Play Touhoumon World Link: Nuzlocke Challenge

    Hello, I'm TornZero, a fan of both Pokémon and Touhou. I nearly died when I first saw a Pokémon hack using Touhou characters (which alternated between "Touhoumon" and "Touhou Puppet Play"), but I felt like I really would when I found how many there were. (There's a lot.) I did what any sensible, (in)sane person would do, and got right into it. Seeing the Nuzlocke Challenge made me think it would make things even more (in)sane and fun if I used a Touhoumon hack.

    Touhoumon World Link is a hack of Emerald by AichiyaSanae, now at version 1.42 (which I'm using) and includes the Kanto region and a region called Java. I'll be playing on the VisualBoyAdvance-M.

    Note: "Bonéka" is Indonesian for "Doll".

    The Rules

    1. If a Bonéka Faints, it's dead and must be kept in the box until it can be given a proper burial.

    2. You can only catch/receive one Bonéka in each Area. A town is one area, a route is one area, a cave is one area, etc.

    3. All Bonéka shall be nicknamed.

    4. You cannot run from wild Bonéka unless your Bonéka's ability is Run Away, or you have an item that strictly allows escaping a battle (such as a Smoke Ball).

    5. Trading can only be used for eggs and evolving.

    Part 1: Let's Get Started

    It was normal like every time: I jumped out of the bathroom-less moving van that my mother forced me to ride, she brought me in and made me set my crappy clock like I have to every day while one Bonéka mover slacked off, and Dad's on TV. For some reason, I never catch the exact scene, it ends the moment I look at the screen. Then she wanted me to go meet my new neighbors, so I did.

    The mother's son left a Miko Orb laying on the floor of his room, and when I tried to pick it up the son in question came in.

    "You know, you have some nerve trying to steal from a Bonéka trainer!" And after the introductions, Renko apologized for the misunderstanding and offered to catch me a Bonéka of my own. But no, he couldn't. He had to help his own dad, the Bonéka Professor of Hoenn, yet he just plopped down and played on his computer.

    When I went back outside, that damned ear-splitting cry for help urged me to go see the man (or really deep-voiced woman) who made it. He kept me from leaving to get help. Instead, he demanded I pull one of his Bonéka out of the bag he dropped and use it to stop the Kogasa that just cornered him against a few trees.

    I pulled out the Orb holding a Chibi Elly, and it ended up being a boy!

    I called for it to use Pursuit, and he promptly jumped at the Kogasa, slamming at it with the pole of his scythe before getting Licked in return. No matter how many times I see it, it's still disgusting. A second Pursuit knocked Kogasa clean out. As a reward for saving him, Professor Birch let me keep the Elly as my first Bonéka, whom I named Ren, and asked me to see Renko out on Route 103.

    After a little training on Route 101, I managed to make it through Route 103 unhindered by wild Bonéka and challenged Renko to a battle. Renko's only Bonéka was a Chibi Merlin that fell victim to Pursuit rather easily. As a result, Ren leveled up and learned Triple Kick, so that was joyful. After the battle was over, we headed back to the lab. I received an iDollDex, a set of Miko Orbs that would help me complete a six-Bonéka team, and my mother stopped me from leaving town to give me shoes that seem to give superpowered running abilities to the wearer.

    Our first capture was to be at Route 103, and ended up being a Chibi Ellen at level 2, according to the Dex.

    "We're gonna catch this one, alright, Ren? So don't kill it."

    "Alright, alright. I'll hold back a bit."

    "Scratch." He did, pulling it down a chunk before getting hit by a wave of Confusion. I hoped one throw would be all it took, but the Ellen didn't give up. It broke out the first time and landed a critical hit. It took a second Orb before I managed to capture it.


    The nickname of Aly was the verdict, and we trained on 101 and 103 for a while longer. Aly seemed prone to making critical hits, because she landed three more on wild Bonéka before she even hit L5! Sadly, I don't know if Aly will even last.

    We challenged a pair of trainers west of Kotoki Town before going to catch our third teammate. Aly managed to take care it herself at L6, so there's still hope for her despite slow-growing stats. On our venture to find a teammate, we met upon a Patchouli; adorable thing. I knew it loved to teleport away whenever it got into fights, seeing Calvin trying to catch one, so I threw out my Miko Orb and heard the right beep.

    "Woohoo!" I screamed, happy to have pulled in a Bonéka notorious for disappearing before anyone could attack. Her name was decided to be Selly, and we continued on, facing another trainer and getting stopped by a strange girl with an even stranger Bonéka. Ren was able to beat her with relative ease, however. Once we defeated her, she introduced herself as Ichii and handed me a Bonéka and its Orb. A Miku, something that the iDollDex didn't have in its records; I couldn't keep it anyways. I already had a Bonéka from this route, so I'll leave it in the PC when I get to Touka City.

    One trainer later, I stored Miku in the Bonéka Center's PC and took a break with everyone.

    Part 1 - End

    Part 2: Wally and Kanazumi City

    As I was heading to the gym, a person that looked like Renko was staring at the water. I couldn't help myself but say hi, but he introduced himself as Ario. He said he comes from Kanto, and handed me a JX-Pass, telling me to talk to Moncoz to go to Masara Town. I have to get to Muro Town first so I can meet him.

    "So, I see you're with your Bonéka," my father told me when we caught up in his gym. "Guess you'll be a trainer like your old man here! I'll be looking forward to see your pro--" and he was interrupted by a timid boy with green hair coming in.

    "Excuse me, I'd like to get, um, a Bonéka, please."

    "Oh, that's right. Your name is Wally, correct?" Dad handed him two orbs; one holding his own Kogasa as a loan, and one an empty Miko Orb to catch his Bonéka. Then he turned to me. "Can you go with Wally and make sure he catches a Bonéka?" And almost immediately after we got into the grass, Wally was jumped by an Ellen.

    Dad's Kogasa didn't have a chance against it, but it apparently knocked the Ellen's health down enough to be caught before dying itself.

    "Thank you so much! Let's go back to the gym." We did, though Wally sprinted ahead of me in his glee. Dad got his Bonéka back, and Wally left the gym with a new friend of his own after thanking my father profusely. He said he wouldn't be lonely in Shidake Town with Ellen at his side.

    "Now, go to Kanazumi City and challenge the gym leader there. Come and see me again once you've acquired four badges, and we'll battle each other, too." And so I left the gym to train my Bonéka, especially Selly the Patchouli, who could only Teleport right now. It wasn't the easiest thing to do, switching from a Bonéka with abysmal physical stats and speed to a more capable one just to train it. I feel Aly will manage to last much longer than Selly.

    Over the course of too-many-to-count wild Bonéka battles and three trainer battles, Aly learned Defense Curl and Selly still hasn't learned a single other move despite getting to be level 10! I feel like I might have to box her, but I'll still give her a chance. Her special stats are beast, despite the giant trench that her other stats are obviously in. I kept my head high when we found a Nazrin as our first Route 104 encounter, and sent Ren to weaken it with Pursuit. One turned out to be enough, and the first Miko Orb caught it. I couldn't think of a name, so I just went with Jen and everyone went with it. She had a Smoke Ball on her, so that must be useful somewhere, and the ability Pickup was going to make it easier on my wallet.

    Jen was the next to train before we went into Touka Woods. It was nice to see at least this Bonéka could take care of itself. She even learned Quick Attack! As soon as everyone was finally level 10, with Ren being 11, we journeyed off into the woods.

    It looked depressing on the inside. Dark from the trees, and wild Bonéka everywhere. And our first encounter was a Lunachild, no less. We didn't have an Electric type yet, so I wanted to catch her. One Tackle from Jen was enough, and catching it brought up the iDollDex's interface.

    I named her Selene; it seemed appropriate with her species. Then we trained her like we did Jen, and she learned ThunderShock. Whenever we fought a Sara, I thought it would've been better to have caught one of those instead of a Nazrin. But oh well! No turning back. The first trainer we fought in Touka Woods was a fairy lover, and had one of each from SunnyMilk to Cirno. All weak as hell, though.

    As we trekked through the woods, we ended up meeting a Devon researcher looking for a Wriggle, whom we saved from a really screwed up man dressed like a pirate. As soon as I finished him off, he ran off, the Devon researcher thanked me with a Great Orb and chased after the pirate, who called himself a member of Team Kodok.

    At the other side of Route 104 and facing a few more trainers, I would've screamed if I didn't have any Pecha Berries on me. Ren got himself poisoned fighting an Eirin, and I was running out of Potions already. As soon as we reached Kanazumi City, we restocked and rested up to train again.

    Part 2 - End

    Part 3: Training!

    Ren, of course, was the first target for our training session. Level 18 was our target before we faced the first gym leader, even for the newest member of our team that needs to be caught. A Kotohime was that member, though this princess was actually a boy. Ren brought this one down without killing the Bonéka so I could catch him. Ryouka was the decided name, and we participated in a few trainer battles to accompany the wild Bonéka training.

    In the cave nearby, we caught ourselves a Rumia. Named her Yami-chan, then picked up a Miko Orb lying on the cave floor before continuing our training session.

    After Ren hit 16 and learned Metal Claw, I switched to Jen, who was as big a pain as our Patchouli friend. With the worst stats of the entire team, Jen had nothing going for her until she learned Thief. Made getting items like berries a lot easier. Whenever we stole a Shard, I wondered what it was for. I still had to switch Jen for Aly or one of the others quite a bit, though, at least until she leveled some more.

    And at level 16, Jen was the first Bonéka in my team to evolve, with her ability ironically becoming one that prevents someone stealing her items. Her offensive strength rose a lot, and she became my fastest Bonéka, too. I put her aside, making time for everyone else, especially Selly, using Aly as her go-to Bonéka. I hoped Selly would learn a new move soon. Funnily, when Aly reached level 12, she learned Teleport for herself, and Selly learned Confusion at the same level. Finally, I didn't have to switch her out constantly just to train her. And this was well worth the wait, I'd say. In spite of low speed and nearly non-existent physical stats, the hikkikomori started wiping the floor with anything with sheer psychic power. Level 14: Bubble. Level 15: Her special stats just kept skyrocketing, and she was finally faster than many of the R116 Bonéka. Level 16: Ember. I don't regret catching her one bit.

    Officially able to hold her own now, Selly was switched for Aly's training. It went smoothly, and reaching level 16 was pretty easy for her. She had an okay balance, with Special Attack being her best stat. Surprisingly, it was lower than Selly's. She learned Metronome, too, and I wanted to test it out. The first battle, I used nothing but that. I ended up getting Poison Sting, Razor Wind, Acid and Submission, the last of which was just plain overkill on the Kotohime that was our victim. Anyways, next up was Selene, then Ryouka. The former didn't take long, and learned Thunder Wave during her training. She relies on her special attack and speed (being second only to Jen in that aspect), so I fear for an even speedier physical attack on her.

    Ryouka was well-balanced when we started on him. Nothing was below 10, and everything was within 5 points of each other, save his health of course. Soon enough he learned Yawn, then Headbutt just before level 16. Once we were finally finished with that, Ren took the head of the pack once more for the challenge of the gym trainers, with Selly and Aly right behind him. The Ellen was silently swooning over Ren, despite the fact that he wears a dress and sunhat.

    The first gym trainer was named Josh, and he threw out a Chibi Tenshi to fight Ren. A Triple Kick finished him off without the chance to respond. When we moved forward, we were caught by two trainers at once, and they challenged my Bonéka to a double battle. Against a Chibi Suika and Letty, Triple Kick took out the former with no troubles. Selly's Ember mixed with Ren's Metal Claw nicely, taking out Letty. They were replaced by a Shou and a second Suika, respectively, both of which fell without a problem from Metal Claw and Confusion. That was the end of that. Sadly, I knew they still weren't ready for Roxanne, the first gym leader. I decided to train Ren some more before the others. His attacks would prove the most useful.

    At level 19, Ren learned Aerial Ace for himself. I got rid of Scratch in exchange, so I'd say it's worth it. Selly was next, and I didn't let her learn Mud Sport when she wanted to; never gonna be useful to me. Aly's training went smoothly, and we played with Metronome a bit more. For some reason, Metronome gave us Scratch and Pound one after another (the second of which appeared twice over the training session), it was slightly annoying. Then it gave us a move called Superego. I guess it flatters someone into submission, because it wiped out a Meiling in one hit. DragonMeteor, PsychoBoost and Brofist all popped up, too.

    At level 18, Aly was the second of my team to evolve. With Jen we almost strictly used Thief, getting all the items we could; a lot of those were shards, though. I'll have to find out what they're for later. The Nazrin learned Endure, too, which replaced Tail Whip. For Selene and Ryouka, it was ThunderShock and Swift all the way. When Ryouka finally turned 18, we rested up for Roxanne.

    Part 3 - End

    Part 4: The First Badge

    "So," Ren asked, "we're finally gonna kick some gym leader can, right?"

    "Yes, Ren." We walked into the gym, strolling up to Roxanne in the back since we'd already beaten her trainers. Ren was leading the pack beside me, raring to wipe out the gym leader's Bonéka.

    "Oh, hello. I'm Roxanne, the gym leader of Kanazumi. I presume you've come to challenge me?"

    "Mhm. Yours will be the first badge we obtain."

    "Got that right!" Ren couldn't help himself, apparently.

    "I became a gym leader to apply what I learned in the training school." Pulling out a Miko Orb, she finished her comments. "I accept your challenge, as I would love to see you demonstrate your own battling style here for me." And she threw it up into the air, releasing a Chibi Tenshi. Cute thing sat on a large stone with paper strapped to it, and it was hovering just above the ground. Ren was my choice, obviously. We hadn't used Aerial Ace yet, so I guess this was the perfect way to start.

    The Chibi Tenshi was brought down in an instant, ran through the stomach by the edge of Ren's scythe. Then he ripped it out, leaving the Bonéka with a large gash through her side and her master in total shock. "S-so aggressive," she noted, returning the dying doll to its Orb before pulling out another one. "Tenshi, I need your help." She sent out Chibi Tenshi's evolved form next, and Ren was still up and going.

    I decided to use Triple Kick this time; Aerial Ace likely wasn't going to take it out quickly enough. Diving into a spin, using his scythe like a spinning top, Ren kicked Tenshi once, staggering her. Then he kicked her again, clean in the side, and she was thrown head-first into the gym walls. She quickly fell unconscious, the stone she held nearby falling apart.

    "Not you, too...." Roxanne only had one Bonéka left, and she knew it wasn't nearly as strong as Tenshi. I'm a benevolent trainer, though, so I called Ren to return to my side, throwing Selly out to deal with the Chibi Iku instead. Aly was cheering on the fellow Psychic-type, waving her hands like she was holding pom-poms.

    With a Confusion, the Patchouli brought Iku's health down to a mere fraction before getting struck by Thunder Wave. Speed wasn't her thing anyways, so neither of us really worried. Dragon Fever barely did anything to Selly, while a second Confusion was more than enough to wipe Iku out.

    "I lost.... I guess I still have much more to learn, then. Thank you for making me realize that." Roxanne recalled her knocked-out Iku, pulling a badge out of her shirt pocket and placing it in my hand. "The Bonéka League rules state that once you've defeated me, you've earned the Stone Badge. The Stone Badge increases your Bonéka's attack power, and lets you use the Hidden Machine, Cut, outside of battles." Then she handed me a disc, with 'TM39' on the label. "By dropping rocks on the opponent, Rock Tomb causes them to lose speed. There's a slot in every Miko Orb that lets one place a disc in to teach a Bonéka a TM or HM. However, Technical Machines can only be used once, after which the data on it is wiped, and they're little more than frisbees or pizza cutters."

    We exited the gym, about to let Ren and Selly be taken care of at the Bonéka Center, but when we hit the crossroad, a man screamed, "GET OUT OF THE WAY!" And he ran by, heading north.

    The man we rescued before, the Devon researcher, tried chasing after him, begging for his briefcase to be returned. We couldn't resist giving chase, too.

    Part 4 - End

    Part 5: The Devon Goods and Muro Town

    At the edge of Kanazumi City, we met with the Devon researcher, who pleaded me to get his briefcase back from the Team Kodok member that stole it. He told me that he saw the thief run into Kanashida Tunnel, the place I caught my Rumia. When I reached it, an old man was waiting outside.

    The old man asked me to save his kappa, Peeko, and I just couldn't refuse. Plus, it just made more reason to go kick that Kodok grunt's rear end a few hundred times. Almost immediately I found him, and he started ranting about Peeko's worthlessness as a hostage. Right after that, he pulled out a Miko Orb and threw it up into the air, calling out a Chibi Suwako just like the first time. It was hardly even stronger than the other.

    Commanding Ren to use Triple Kick, he pinned Suwako to the tunnel walls and crashed into it over and over again, taking it down with absolutely no problem. "AUGH! My career in crime is gonna go nowhere," the grunt groaned. "Boss said it would be such an easy job to pull off, too. Just steal a dang package and mission complete! But fine, you want it back, you take it." He shoved the briefcase into me and ran off without it or the kappa. Once it was clear, the old man came in and retrieved his Bonéka, thanking me and introducing himself as Mr. Briney.

    He said he lives in the cottage between Touka City and Woods. Come to think of it, there was a ship there. Maybe I could take it to get to Muro Town. But I'll worry about that later. Right now, I had to bring the package back to the researcher.

    "Oh, you got them back!" It was easy to tell he was ecstatic. As thanks, he gave me another Great Orb and brought me into the Devon building to meet Devon's President. "By the way, that package you got back for me, we need that delivered to Kaina." It was a city that you had to reach by boat since Kanashida Tunnel wasn't dug through yet. With another thanks when I accepted, he brought me to the President of the Devon Corporation, Mr. Stone. Appreciating my exploits, he requested I deliver a letter to his son, Steven, in Muro Town. In exchange, he handed me something that looked like a walkie-talkie, calling it the iDollNav. Checking the features, it just had a map of the Hoenn region.

    When I left the building, a developer came out and wanted the iDollNav, though I just got it, so he could add in a feature called the Match Call. It let someone call another person registered on the Nav's contacts, and Mr. Stone was already on the list. The developer wanted me to give him a call, and wouldn't let me go until I did. When I finished talking to Stone, the developer went back inside and left me to my own business again. Now to go talk to Mr. Briney about getting to Muro Town.

    Though, at the Kanazumi gate, I couldn't keep my eye off Renko, who just arrived. Somehow, Renko already had the Match Call feature, and I assumed many other people did, too. Why is this not a factory program? Anyways, we registered each other and Renko decided we should have a battle. He had a Lyrica now.

    Brought it down with no trouble. Merlin was still up and active somehow, and obviously pissed about how it lost the last time it fought Ren. To make it worse, Ren didn't give Merlin more than one chance, and that didn't do a thing. Two quick bashes to the head with Pursuit and Merlin was down for the count. After the battle, Renko gave me a nice tidbit about Mr. Briney's sailing history and left.

    Back at Mr. Briney's cottage, I found him and asked him to bring me to Muro Town. He had no qualms with this, since I saved his kappa earlier. In the middle of the ride to Muro, my father called me, making sure we got each other registered. And right before we docked, we passed by another ship. That must have been Moncoz's. From the pier of the island Muro Town was on, I could see a few things: a large cave, a BonéCenter; no store, but there was a gym. Gonna have to train more, apparently.

    Part 5 - End

    Part 6: Masara Town and Route 1

    I was in Muro Town, and while I did have to get that letter to Steven, I've been aching to check out the Kanto region. I could train my Rumia there, too, so I swapped Yami-chan for Ryouka in the Center. Afterwards, I walked to Moncoz's ship, and he introduced himself.

    "Hello, I am Fajar the sailor." Can the names get any more foreign? "But call me Moncoz. I will go to Masara Town on my boat." His first language didn't seem to be English, to say the least. "Do you want going with me?"

    "Yes, thank you."

    Helping me onto the boat, Moncoz warned me of something without giving any real detail. "Be careful, because we will be going to Kanto." When we arrived and I got off the boat, Moncoz told me he'd wait for me if I wanted to return to Muro Town. I'll have to go back later anyways. I thanked him a second time, and found a patch of grass right on the southwest edge of Masara Town. This would be a great place to get a new Bonéka.

    A Chibi Sanae was the first encounter, and our first capture of the Kanto region. Using Yami-chan's Lick over and over, we finally caught it with barely any of its health left, and about six Miko Orbs wasted.

    "Why can't I think of a name for such a cute little shrine maiden?"

    "Why not Headache?" Ren suggested, with a hint of sarcasm. Using up a chunk of our Orb supply didn't do much to help the Sanae's defense. After a short while, we managed to settle on Nicki, and our new teammate was sent to the storage system. Now we wanted to check out Route 1, and when we got there we found a variety of Bonéka I'd never seen. There were a few interesting ones just on this route alone. I wondered which one would make a good addition to my team. Then it hit me. Literally.

    An Alice threw an exploding doll at my head! Thankfully, it was defective and didn't actually explode when it hit me, that would've been a little troublesome. But that made me want to catch him more. He had a Doll Wall, rebounding some of the damage from any attacks Yami-chan threw at him, but still not too difficult. In the yellow, and one Miko Orb was enough. When I named him, the first thing that came to mind was Alann, and we went with it. The rest of my time on Route 1 was spent training Yami-chan, and we ended at level 10, reaching Tokiwa City in the process.

    Part 6 - End

    Part 7: A Wonderful World of Bonéka!

    I wanted to see if I could catch any more, so I headed west from Tokiwa City to Route 22. In the first patch of grass, my team met with...

    An adorable Flandre! Using Yami-chan, two tacklings were enough to bring it down to capture-with-ease health. Tossing out a Miko Orb, the Bonéka was feistier than I thought, breaking out without giving it a chance to roll! Leech Life was extremely strong against the Rumia's Dark type, and made it all the more difficult. I even had to use a Potion on her to keep her from dying on me. My second attempt was with a Great Orb, to no avail. I decided for Yami-chan to use Lick, paralyze it and make it easier on us. When we finally got it back in the red, a normal Orb did the trick. Wasting a Great Orb on such a low-level Bonéka, it better be worth it.

    Now I was just making up nicknames off the first thing coming to mind, and Hana was just that. Next was on Route 2, north of Tokiwa City. Our first encounter here...

    It had Speed Boost as his ability, getting faster as the seconds went by. Against my Rumia's Tackle, though, it didn't stand long enough to cause any real damage. One Miko Orb was more than enough for our new teammate, Aeron. When we were finally finished up, I decided to box Rumia for a while. I wanted to check out what my new Flandre had up her sleeve. She didn't have much in terms of defensive power, but she was insane when it came to hurting things, and far from slow. However, from 4 to 7, Hana's only damaging move was Leech Life. Not that I'm complaining, it was definitely effective. When she learned Ember at 11, we chose to go back to Muro Town. We can come back later anyways.

    Back in Muro Town, we went straight for Granite Cave to deliver Mr. Stone's letter to Steven. In the entrance, I got the HM Flash from a kind mountain man before trekking on. He said I'd need the badge from Muro Town to use it outside of a battle, though. Before we could make it downstairs, my team came up against a weak bunny girl. Since it was the first encounter in Granite Cave, we were gonna catch it.

    Hana was able to bring it down easily enough, letting me catch it in a well-thrown Miko Orb. Named her Usami before she was sent to the storage system. We'd need to use Flash (which I taught to Selly) if we wanted to get through the caves under the entrance, so we went for the second gym badge before we moved along.

    Part 7 - End

    Part 8: Brawly

    I stepped into the Muro Town gym and... it was pitch-black. I could only see the area directly around my feet. Taking a few steps forward, I found a man holding a flashlight, and he handed it to me. The light didn't spread very far from me, and there was a little slot on the handle. I wondered what it was for, but I was just happy at the moment to have some light.

    "The gym will get brighter as you defeat more Bonéka trainers in here." Well, that clears up that. I trekked ahead, my entire team huddled behind Ren and me. Our first turn into the halls was confusing, it had a few more turns. The first turn we took was a dead end, and the second had a trainer in it, who immediately challenged us. With just a low-level Meiling, Ren took her down with no problems.

    "That was... quick.... Oh well. Hand me your flashlight." I did as she asked, and she slipped a card in the handle slot. Removing it, the flashlight shone a little brighter, and she handed it back. Thanking her, we moved forward and took down the rest of the gym trainers. When we were finished, the flashlight illuminated almost an entire hall. Then we met with Brawly.

    "Alright, alright, alright, you got through my trainers," he eagerly (and loudly) stated. "Now let's see if you can stand and match the BRAWL-MEISTER, MASTER OF FIGHTING BONÉKA!" And he threw out a Miko Orb containing a Chibi Suika.

    Nothing to it, at least for Ren. Took her down with just one Aerial Ace. The second was a Sakuya, an elegant little maid that could stop time and had an infinite number of knives. No one knows where she gets them, or if she stops time and grabs the knives she just used.

    Just as easy. Brawly's last Bonéka was a Meiling, halfway through its evolutionary stages, and obviously stronger than the Bonéka before it.

    It barely missed when it used DynamicPunch, and that move alone worried me. If it didn't kill something, it left them confused enough to kill themselves. Landing a hit with Karate Chop, Meiling was stronger than I thought. Ren got lucky today.

    "Whoa! The Brawly's gotten beat?! I can't believe this! You made a bigger splash than I expected, kid!" The rest of the gym was illuminated as he said this, handing me the Knuckle Badge.

    Ren evolved when the battle was finally over, which made me all the more proud of him. And now that we have the second badge of the Hoenn Bonéka League, we can more properly deliver that letter to Steven.

    Part 8 - End

    Part 9: Steven and Kaina City

    Granite Cave once more, and this time I won't be obscured by darkness. With Hana the Flandre leading my party, Leech Life will keep her alive and train her at the same time. As I reached the second floor down, Selly started to glow, brightening most of the cave. More than enough to find my way around.

    So... so many Rumias... so much Licking.... Poor Hana.... She got Licked so many times it's just not right. Paralyzed a few times from pure disgust. At least it didn't take too long to reach Steven, but why'd he have to be in the most annoying room to get to?

    As thanks, he handed me a Technical Machine for Steel Wing, one of the strongest Steel-type attacks currently known. He said I had promise, that I could potentially be the next Bonéka League Champion. After a short conversation about the strength of the Bonéka League, he added me to his iDollNav, and I did likewise. He left soon enough, and I followed after him. Somehow, though, he managed to disappear despite my being just a few steps behind him. Oh well. Mission accomplished. Calling President Stone from Muro Town's Bonéka Center about half of the job being finished, he congratulated me and thanked my efforts, notifying me of a reward as soon as I met him in his office again.

    Back to Kanazumi City, I wanted to get the reward for delivering Mr. Stone's letter. He gave me a weird-looking helmet with bulbs and everything, calling it an Experience Share.

    "You can simply place that on a Bonéka's head and they'll get experience from battle regardless of participation!" he exclaimed. That could be useful when I catch a weaker Bonéka (which is always the case). The last thing to do now was get to Kaina City and deliver the Devon employee's package. It didn't take long to get to the beach right outside Kaina, though. Briney's ship is surprisingly speedy, for being the size of a dinghy. I equipped Hana with the Exp. Share, and took up a few battles before I actually reached the city itself.

    In Kaina City, I saw a LOT of Kodok members waiting in a line. I couldn't tell what for, since they were blocking the sign, but it must be interesting. There were plenty of shopping tents set up on one end of the city, too. I found a little cave called the Oldman Shop, and it had a few items for sale like evolution stones. (The Sun Stones and Moon Stones were notably more expensive than the others.) Getting myself back on track, I went to the shipyard to deliver the package to Admiral Stork, or whatever his name was. When I arrived, though, he wasn't there. I was told he went to the Oceanic Museum, that place where all the Kodoks were crowded in. The line was gone now, thankfully, so I didn't have to waste any more time. But... there was a $50 entry fee. Chump change, I had plenty of cash on me right around now.

    Kodoks were everywhere, and Admiral Stork was upstairs. Good thing none of them noticed me passing by. Upstairs, I found only one person.

    Whoops. Got the name wrong.

    Anyways, I delivered the package, kicked Kodok can, and took myself a nice rest to keep on moving, fully satisfied for a job well done. Nothin' big.

    Part 9 - End

    Part 10: Journey to Kinsetsu City

    After a little more sight-seeing in Kaina City, my team and I moved forward with Selly the Patchouli at the head of the pack. Jumping into the grass on Route 110, we were all eager to welcome another member to our little group of misfits.

    The Bonéka ended up being a Minoriko, and it seemed like they were all getting cuter the longer we were on this journey. Took two orbs, but I guessed it would be worth it in the end. I couldn't think of a good name, so Minmin was the first thing that came to mind. Moving along, I ended up coming by Professor Birch, who registered me in his iDollNav. Now I can call him from anywhere to check up on the iDollDex I don't bother using for more than monitoring my team's stamina!

    Anyways, before I even hit the long, winding stretch of grass, the Exp. Share helped Hana to learn Bite, and she was easily catching up to the others.

    Meanwhile, Selly hit level 20 and finally evolved. Granted, still an earlier level than Ren. Her special abilities got noticeably stronger. Selene and Hana were the last ones in my party right now still in their Chibi forms, and the former was close so I switched her for Selly's position to train her.

    I met with Renko across 110, too. Funny how the professor was looking for Renko just a little while ago. First things first: Bonéka experience check up! I was met with a Chibi Lyrica, matching Selene's level. Night Shade knocked out over half of Selene's health, so I had to switch her out. Poor fairy. Ren took over, wiping out the musical ghost with a well-placed Aerial Ace.

    Next was a Lunasa, just as strong as Lyrica, and just as easy to take down. Last up, a well-trained Merlin. She evolved since the last time we met.

    Over the course of another few strikes, Merlin's constant trumpet-playing was pissing Ren right off.

    "Aerial Ace," I told him. "Finish her off." His scythe sharpening, shining in the moonlight, Ren flew in with an unavoidable attack. Renko's Merlin just kept playing louder, trying to throw the Elly off, but to no avail. Instead, Ren's blade was driven through that infernal instrument and even through the back of Merlin's throat, poking through the back of her neck. Somehow still graceful, Ren spun back, dragging his scythe up through the trumpet of terror and Merlin's head, and both were split in half with ease. With no way to express her insane, unspeakable level of agony, be it a trumpet blare or screech of a banshee, Merlin simply dropped, unable to be recalled to her orb any longer.

    Defeating Renko, who was now near an emotional breaking point, I was awarded with the Itemfinder: a little dowsing machine for the hidden items around the area. After that, it was smooth sailing to the city housing the third gym and its leader, Wattson.

    Part 10 - End

    I will be moving my account to Songbird over the course of immediately. The signature will stay as is for posterity and reference.