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Re-playing SoulSilver, and this time I'm playing as the female character Gold. My starter is Chikorita (which I nicknamed Gladiator, I'm probably gonna change it's name later on to something better).
I wanna get this team:
Pidgeot, Quagsire, Shuckle, Flareon & Raichu. Thinking about replacing Meganium with a Bellossom.


Just beat Clair, the 8th Gym Leader.

My current team is:

Pidgeot (Skylar)
Gender: F
Level: 41
Gust, Wing Attack, Fly, Roost.

Stantler (Dreamer)
Gender: F
Level: 24
Stomp, Take Down, Confuse Ray, Hypnosis.

Quagsire (Squirt)
Gender: F
Level: 41
Surf, Earthquake, Mud Bomb, Yawn.

Bellossom (Daisy)
Gender: F
Level: 42
Acid, Leaf Blade, Mega Drain, SolarBeam.

Smoochum (Kisses) **might replace with a Hitmontop later or Lugia.**
Gender: F
Level: 18
Powder Snow, Avalanche, Sing, Confusion.

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