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    Seth, sitting down in the sidelines, found the convention very boring. He had finished his salad, leaving only one poor, lonely lettuce on his plate. This was done purposefully, as Seth tried to tear it with his fork into halves, then fourths, then eighths, then sixteenths, and eventually nothing but shreds. His drowsiness began to dawn on him again, and he yawned numerous times while doing this very strange activity. When he was sure each lettuce piece was no bigger than an atom, he finally gave up. Slumped down on the table, he looked around.

    The convention center was loud with various idle chatters from one Pokemon to another, and now that he paid attention to these chatters he had to perpetually cover his ears to avoid being attacked by the noise. As he did, he noticed the Declarum Force leader, Damon Malruth, eyeing him as he passed by. Oh no. Is he onto me? Did someone break into my house and find my armor? Oh god, oh god, oh god I'm doomed! were the words that first ran through his mind as the Linoone walked by him. But then he gave Seth a smile, a sincere, reassuring one, confirming that he did not, in fact, know that Seth was a spy for the Knights of the Oran. "Whoa, that gave me a heart attack..." Seth mumbled to himself in a low volume.

    Seth's eyes continued to follow Damon as he went towards a table with Urta, the Declarum Force's second-in-command and an Aggron sitting on it. Damon began talking with them, and after a while Seth decided that it was safe enough to abandon his watch of the Linoone. His attention shifted back to his poor lettuce, and he began to tear it into even smaller pieces until the convention center door slammed open and let a Porygon float in. Seth has put many grueling hours studying this Porygon called Charlie, and as a result he knew that he was an important asset to the Declarum Forces. If Seth could...disable Charlie without anyone else knowing, it would surely bear a grave consequence to the Declarum Forces' strength. Seth should probably do that when he has absolutely earned their trust, though.

    "Greetings Declarum Forces. Please remain seated and please greet Mr. Riley Richards!" the Porygon announced as he made way for a Tyrogue. Riley Richards, the leader of the Mechanists. Seth's eyes widened at his presence as he wondered what such an important figure was doing there. Perhaps it was to uncover a spy amongst their ranks, namely Seth? Sweat began materializing on the Flygon's forehead and subsequently rolled down like a waterfall.

    However, it turned out that what the Tyrogue was about to do was in fact nothing of the sort. Instead, he walked onto the podium, put on a smile and said, "Greetings everyone! Thank you all for coming out here today. We have a short presentation for you so please hold all questions after we're done." The lights dimmed and a projector screen appeared on the wall. "Many of you don't know the political situation in the cities right now. Three years ago a Alakazam by the name of Matthew was elected to the Council." A picture of the Alakazam, Matthew, materialized on the screen. Seth's eyes widened. "He is young, very young and holds different ideas from the rest of the Council. Many of his ideas are very close to those held by us. He is considered radical but loved by the populace, especially those discriminated against. He is the pokemon we have been waiting for. Five years ago we sent an agent to infiltrate the city of Markus with one goal in mind. To get close to the Council. He succeeded and for the past two years he has sent us information dealing with the layout of the Council Chambers." I think first you should worry about the agent within your own ranks, Seth thought to himself, smirking. Still, why would Riley himself need to assemble and attend a convention for a little teaching session? There's gotta be more.

    Turns out, Seth was right. "This plan has been five years in the making and today we enact it! We have been living in the darkness for far too long. This world belongs to us as well! Our plan is a simple one. None of the Councilors know how we live, they know nothing about us. All they hear are stories and rumors. We need someone with an open mind, like Matthew to understand how we work. If we can get him to understand what we really are like then we can plant a seed. It will take time for him to eventually rise to the rank of Orator, but he will be a great ally once he does! What we are about to do today is going to change history!" Riley looked over the Pokemon, apparently about to announce the history-changing event the Mechanists were about to initiate. "We are going to capture this councilor!"

    F***.How do I tell the others on such short notice? was the thought that first crossed Seth's mind. This was an outrageous plan that had to be prevented at all costs. His ability of flight meant that he could outrun the troops any day, but how could he make a single wingbeat ahead of the troops without being suspicious?

    Seth's silent reverie was interrupted by muzzled sounds of Damon unleashing his rage at Riley. Seth never thought Damon was one to cuss, but boy was he wrong. He spat out all the swear words in Seth's vocabulary, and then some. He was truly angry--it shows how much he cared about his soldiers, and Seth admired that. Still, if he was going to go through with this plan, he is forced to take certain measures.

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