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Um no its not @ op.

Dual Chop: 40 (hit 1) + 40 (hit two) = 80 + STAB = 120 BP

Outrage: 120 + STAB = 180 BP

Also sash Cloyster argument is pretty moot considering Jirachi pretty much poops on it.

You lack Stealth Rocks also, so id suggest squeezing them in. Put it on Blissey over Heal Bell, putting Softboiled over Wish and moving Wish to Jirachi. Heracross and Blissey can take status for you so tbh i dont see Heal Bell as even needed.

Toxic Orb >>>> Burn Orb also. Chances are Hera wont be staying in more than 3 turns, so Toxic Orb will cause less net damage;

Burn Orb

Turn 1. 12%
Turn 2. 12%

24% damage over turns.

Toxic Orb

Turn 1. 6%
Turn 2. 12%

18% damage over two turns.

As you can see.

Rotom wants Volt Switch > Thunderbolt to keep your teams momentum. Pain Split is also much more useful than HP Ice really.

The main concern here is just lack of speed pretty much, i know you have T-Wave support and all but if something gets in ONE boost you're pretty much 6-0'd. Id probably look into replacing Aggron/Heracross for something with priority or something faster like a scarfer to give you some revenge killing capability.
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