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    Ugh it would still be easier than trying to get Blue's number in HG/SS for the rematch, that's probably the main reason why I hate him nowadays anyways lol.

    And they should have let you use Fly between regions too besides from the one area in the Pokemon League lol.

    And even though Alder is rather weak for a champion as stated before I can imagine him revisiting places like the Celestial Tower, Relic Castle, Dragonspiral Tower, Undella Bay, and maybe somewhere like the Giant Chasm or the Black City/White Forest but despite all that I do remember seeing him at the top of the Celestial Tower at one point in the game where he mentions his former companion and flies off after some dialog. Rather interesting but I still would have appreciated a rematch there or at the very least for him to tell me to meet him in somewhere like the Relic Castle or Dragonspiral Tower for the rematch lol.