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    Only Pokemon that suited Alder were Buffoulant, Volcarona, and Druddigon but just barely on the last one there. I still would have preferred it if he had Pokes such as Gigalith, Mandibuzz, and maybe Braviary too but that's only because I can't think of anything better atm. Sure they're subpar as well but at the very least they would suit him more than 2 drugged up bugs and a levitating ice cream cone with a face lol.

    But plot wise yeah he was rather intriguing to say the very least, reminded me of Lance a bit in that retrospect though but only a little sadly but it was enough for me to catch on to that vague resemblance lol.

    And welcome to teh group Jack.

    Oh and regarding Blue he should have had a Scizor in place of either Exeggutor or Rhyperior and maybe an Umbreon or Jolteon to replace the Pidgeot there but that's just my opinion there, gotta admit though haven't ever faced a Pidgeot that tough before lol, even though it just tried to stall me out with Roost as I was nailing it with Ice Beam after Ice Beam from my Blastoise at the time lol.