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    Alder still could have swept N and Ghetsis easily with that Volcarona of his though and maybe even his Buffoulant too god forbid his level 77 Volc falls to a level 54 Hydreigon after a Quiver Dance boost.

    I laughed at first when I saw the afro buffalo though but I literally choked while laughing at Vanilluxe though lol.

    Hmm maybe it could have been Hydreigon and Mandibuzz in White and Haxorus and Braviary in Black when it came to his final 2 team members, the rest of his team would be Volcarona, Gigalith, Buffoulant, and probably something along the lines of Seismitoad but I'm just repeating myself there sadly lol.

    And agreed on Psyanic's post yet again lol. Makes me wonder who the previous champion before Alder was though in all honesty.