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    lol Pesche. Good ol' comedy. I missed these guys.

    I absolutely LOVED Byakuya's speech. It definitely gave me a lot more respect for a quiet character like Sasakibe - especially since he learnt Bankai before Kyouraku and Ukitake but wanted to stay Yamamoto's Lieutenant. If he used bankai in his last fight, it's possible that we might see it in a flashback. Though a part of me thinks that it would have been really nice to see him fight and die like this. If this gets animated, then I think that they should add it in, as well as his cremation - a very Sasakibe-central episode would be nice.

    So Dondochakka is also captured? I wonder where he is... All I know is that it'll be a funny reunion when he sees them again.

    Haha, Ishida and Ichigo always have funny encounters. Woo, Urahara!

    It might just be the scans that I'm reading, but one of the scanlators put "White haired guy:" in the speech bubble. Looks like he misread the script.

    I wonder how they're going to steal Ichigo's bankai... I hope they succeed 8D

    Overall, not a bad chapter. The pacing is speeding up slightly, with Nel having just entered, and Urahara coming to take them away now.

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    What is a strike?

    Happy birthday ILPeh 8D
    Here, have another giant chocolate chip cookie.
    Thankyou! 8D
    A strike, y'know, when the workers stop working. The teachers are striking, giving me a day off of school!

    The Bleach Hurt or Heal Game!
    Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto - 16
    Suì-Fēng - 22
    Ichimaru Gin - 21
    Retsu Unohana - 25
    Sōsuke Aizen - 0
    Byakuya Kuchiki - 25
    Sajin Komamura - 21
    Shunsui Kyōraku - 29
    Kaname Tōsen - 0
    Tōshirō Hitsugaya - 20
    Kenpachi Zaraki - 30
    Mayuri Kurotsuchi - 22
    Jūshirō Ukitake - 30

    -1 Hitsugaya
    +1 Kyouraku
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