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    Originally Posted by Patchisou Yutohru View Post
    ...You issued anyone with a forum that doesn't really even require much moderation a warning for lack of actions, despite there not being any to really do. Are you serious?
    Like I said before, there's always something a moderator can do on their forum. I consider that to be an excuse. It's also a reason why I think these forums that don't have more than 100,000 posts aren't really necessary to the forum since they don't require a moderator.

    Originally Posted by Forever View Post
    Toujours just told me about this and I had to post. >___>

    What the ****? Just because I don't get along with Kaori means I get in trouble? I'm the one that does everything and I get punished -- I bet she probably personally *****ed to you about me, too. Ugh her entire attitude pisses me off. I'm an amazing mod, and she just gets in my way. ****ing... ugh.

    I'm also going to mention that if it wasn't for my reports, Wolf and Anti would definitely have recieved a staff warning, so just saying...
    You both got a warning for lack of teamwork. If you feel that you're an amazing mod, then maybe you should focus more on working as a team. If you were as amazing as you thought you were, you wouldn't have gotten a warning. Would you?

    They do their work. Reports you send doesn't mean anything in moderator reviews.