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    “Urk! Alrigh-ow! Ow! Alright, alright, stop it! I’ll be good!” With one last good beaning to his head, Alessa stopped firing stones at the boy. He made himself comfy on the branch, though he was probably just floating an inch or so above it, and tossed Aly her hat back. "Feisty one, aren't you? I just wanted to see how you'd react to a bit of a scare." Could've sworn he chuckled under his breath when he said, "Hope it wasn't too bad~."

    "I just wanted my hat," she responded.

    "So what're you doing in the forest?" He said the weather was nice for a snooze. Ah, the weather. Without it, nine out of ten people wouldn't be able to keep a conversation. Regardless, the boy was right.

    "Just taking a nap. Had a lot of work to do." She could almost feel a 'what kind of work would a gal like you be doing?' stare coming on, so she continued before the question could be asked. "Mostly jailbreaking, though I kind of just made it easier."

    Aiden Selest

    Yukiko, a lot of people are going to the forest. Aiden was watching them all from the Eterna rooftops, all kinds of people. Some he'd seen, some he hadn't, but a lot of them were converging in Eterna Forest. One boy stopped talking to that girl... Scarlet, that's it-- just to rush off into the trees. Scarlet's spirit tried coercing her into the forest, too, but he couldn't tell how, it just kept getting closer to it and catching Scarlet's attention. Were the spirits responsible for getting them all to go in?

    I'm not gonna tell you to go to the forest like everyone else, the Froslass assured him, but if a ton of spirits are bringing their hosts to one location, their spare power's ripe for the picking. Why did everything involving other people have to bring Yukiko to draining their energy? Aiden knows what happens, but almost any interpersonal topic brought her to talking about it. Anyways, he just wanted to see what was going on. Aiden blew himself down to Scarlet's side from behind to ask her to join him.

    "So, want to go see why everyone's heading for the forest? I've seen a lot of kids going in."

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