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To use this tutorial for Ruby, you'll need the following offsets:

Ruby's flight table starts at 0x3E5A18 and ends at 0x3E5ACF.

The first pointer (the one that you need to change to edit the flight spots in A-Map) is located at 0xFA88C. Replace the string 20 5A 3E with the offset you repointed your flight table to in reverse hex.

The other two pointers you need to replace are at 0xFA8BC and 0xFA8DC. They are identical strings, and in both, change 18 5A 3E with your new offset (again, in reverse hex).

The "airport Data" is at 0x3E7920.

However, I've run into a bit of a roadblock in that AdvanceMap's "changeroutine" button doesn't actually seem to work for Ruby. Is there a workaround that will allow me to assign a flag to the new flight positions through other means?

Still, I hope this info will help other Ruby hackers who, like me, found that the number of ingame flight positions just weren't good enough
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