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    Originally Posted by Nesket View Post
    oh, I meant swimming to the right :I, but are you sure that is the end, i am pretty sure that I saw a video of someone that reached the balloon and flew to Orange Island?
    that was in a video by the creator that made this hack.. only he has the new beta n can change it

    Originally Posted by metapod23 View Post
    The bad eggs are likely created due to changing the values of certain variables during certain events. It may be possible to determine through thorough testing which variables (if any) are safe to use and will not create bad eggs, but at the moment it is not a priority. If you don't move the bad eggs, they shouldn't affect gameplay.

    The reason that the Misty Mermaid event should activate is because the initial script is set to activate when a particular variable is set to 0. Since all variables are set to 0 when the game starts, there's really no reason the event shouldn't activate.

    The only other requirement to it activating is having the 7th Gym Badge from Blaine.
    i think that The Misty Mermaid event didnt activate for me cuz after i did the holiday-hijynx event at the north pole i just went straight back to where i was before then n didnt do the Snow Way Out event

    i'll probably restart the game now n try it again

    Originally Posted by supperdragon View Post
    Is the new version released?I am playing 3.6.1 and haven't checked this site for one month!:(
    unforuantely not.. sorry.. idk when the new version will be release
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