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Scarlet Johnson

"That's easy. Eat to survive, sleep to save energy, & trade for valuable goods." Scarlet listened to Kilik's simple reply. "He said exactly what I said." She thought suspiciously. Well, it was what normal people would do anyway. And trading was fun, especially if you trade pretend magic beans...." Scarlet blinked, what to say! If only this conversation would stop, or atleast know he's a Spirit Wielder to. Then she would be more confident. "Sorry, I gotta run!" Kilik said, when Scarlet looked he was already on his way. "So rude!" She shouted, now hoping Kilik didn't hear her. Scarlet sighed. Syrena had appeared infront of her. "Ready for out nap?" The Leafeon asked her, blinking innocently. "I don't feel like napping anymore Syrena, I dunno what I feel like."

"So, want to go see why everyone's heading for the forest? I've seen a lot of kids going in." "Eek!" Scarlet turned to see Aiden, the boy who she helped escape from Eterna Prison. "Oh it's just you." She sighed relived. If it wasn't him, or any Spirit Wielder for that matter, they would see Syrena and call the guards. There's been enough killing for one day. Scarlet shook her head. "Anyway, uh- what's wrong with other people going in Eterna forest? there probably just going through it to get to some other place, or atleast far away from Eterna." She replied. Come to think of it, it was sorta weird how allot of people were going in the forest. Maybe it was just a coincidence. "But ok, atleast i'll have something to do!"

Scarlet smiled at Aiden and Syrena softly padded next to Syrena, ready to go.

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