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Originally Posted by Spherical Ice View Post
Does anyone know the offset of the script that executes once you lose a battle and go to a Pokémon Centre? As in, where the healing animation takes place, Nurse Joy tells me they hope I excel etc. Not the text, the actual script itself.
Here colcolstyles gives both that offset, the home offset and some other bits and bobs.

0x1A654B : executed after battle fades, before "scurried home/to PC" text

0x16a2cb : viridian city 'sethealingplace' script (type 3)
0x1bc05c : 'special 0x182' script (type 5)

0x1A8DD8 : home script (mother heals your team)
0x1a8d97 : PokeCenter Script (Nurse Joy heals your team)