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As the girl began speaking, Al’ lifted his brows, all the while grinning softly, his head tilting faintly to the side, his hands resting on the ankles of his crossedlegs.

“I just wanted my hat”

Just her hat? Now that he thought about it, all of the attacks, if he could call them that, never hit her hat. She didn’t attack her with her full power, or at least, that’s how it felt. She probably didn’t want to hit her hat by accident.

“Well, it must be an important hat, then~”

He quieted down again as she continued speaking, unfolding his legs to wrap them around the branch, resting his hands on his knees now. As she mentioned her work, his head tilted to the other side, a questioning look in his eyes. Apparently, she was able to read his expression and continued.

"Mostly jailbreaking, though I kind of just made it easier."

“Oh, really nooow~?” he replied with a wry grin, lifting a hand to scratch his neck idly. “That sounds like pretty risky business! Question iiiis… are you doing it for the sake of helping others… or for your own sake~? Maybe you’re helping out Nicholas…?”

He leaned a little back, lying down on the branch with his arms behind his head, legs still wrapped around the branch, looking rather laid-back. He was genuinely curious about this girl. She wasn’t as delicate as she looked at first glance, which Al’ appreciated greatly.
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