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Finally crossed the half-way mark with Gen IV Pokemon.

Originally Posted by Shucklin View Post
Could you make them with an emerald movement sprite? I think you did that with some on the 1st page.
No. Because that would add at least another 1-2 years to the project. And I want to work on Pokemon DarkViolet as soon as possible, so there is no way I'm adding a year's worth of delay. And I'm planning for Pokemon DarkViolet to be based off of Pokemon Ruby, so second frames are unnecessary. And I honestly don't care about people who want to use updated sprites for Pokemon Emerald, they can suck it.

Originally Posted by Shucklin View Post
And you guys are doing B/W Sprites Right? Ill help if there's a tutorial. Right now I need final forms of evolutionary families, and ones that used to be final forms, so I could have magmar and magmortar, but not magby
I am not doing B/W only sprites, I choose what I think is the best sprite out of the 4th and 5th Gen games, and I apply the color palette that is closest to the Sugimori art. If none of the palettes are close to the Sugimori art (like Golem), then I use a custom palette. And not to sound rude, but I really don't care what sprites you need. All sprites will be finished eventually so just be patient

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