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    Originally Posted by Dabulewicz View Post
    As a just wondering kinda thing, what kinda progress have you made in game as in the story?
    But nonetheless keep working on this hack, if i had experience in rom hacking I'd assist somehow.
    Other than what you already posted of the story.
    Story wise, there hasn't been much progress. After fighting Devimon the first time, he'll return with a tamer who he'll have control over. This is really just a second rival quest more than anything though. You'll fight Devimon's other digivolutions, as well as whatever other Digimon the Dark Tamer may have. I wanted to use Ken/The Digimon Emperor from season 2, but I can't find any sprites for him so I might either create a new character entirely or make my own Ken sprite.

    In place of the Elite Four I want to have the Dark Masters from season 1, so that the object of the story is to obtain the crests so that you may obtain the power to defeat the dark masters and bring peace to the Digital World. I guess story wise I could go off of the Animes, but I haven't given too much to the story so far, as I've been spending my entire efforts toward the Digimon themselves.

    If you have any story/event ideas (be it from the animes, or just original ideas) please share them. Don't be a stranger
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