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    Originally Posted by Pinotti View Post
    Funny, i done this event [Snow way out], but i can't done myst mermaid. I think it's because i lost some episodes like bulbasaur secret garden, Snap episode and tortoise island episode and don't have some pokémons in certain parts of the game [like metapod after the battle with samurai, in veridian forest] i think cause bad eggs.
    Metapod23 should take a look on this bad eggs and this bugs, before continue this hack, solve this problem a think is more important than finish the game. Because the game is already finish indeed, if he solve this problem It will be easier to solve problem like that in the future.
    But if he doesn't know how to solve this problem, so we can't do nothing

    I mean | problem = Bad eggs. |
    I believe the bad eggs are bugs in the real pokemon games as well, so blaming all the bugs in the hack on them doesn't make much sense.
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