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    Originally Posted by PkMnTrainer Yellow View Post
    @Michaela: It's really easy! Just think of it this way. Your pokemon gets 3 levels for each of Cynthia's pokemon it fought, and 2 levels for each of any other pokemon it fought. If it faitns, it gains an extra level.

    ...So yeah, double battles earn you insane levels.

    (6 and 6 vs 6 and 6 could theoretically earn you up to 25 levels on a single pokemon without the champion bonus. @_@)
    It gains the extra level if it makes the other pokemon faint, right? Just to be sure...

    So, Nari would gain four levels, Nightmare, Bishamon, and Akuma will gain three levels. Poor Haku, didn't get to battle and raise levels. xD

    I shall go update my team on my SU, but to be sure, I'll update it here as well.

    Nari (level 53), Bishamon (level 53), Nightmare (level 53), Akuma (level 52). Haku stays at level 48.
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