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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
Well it seems likes/dislikes is close enough to death that a couple days don't really matter - the thread needed a refresh anyways. So as a result, I'm just going to edit in a few discussion questions into the first post so we can get some discussion happening again. :3

Either way, my favourite was Herdier partially because of the design/partially because of how it sounds as well as partially because it was a dog, lol. Everything about it is awesome tbh.

As for others, some of the ones I didn't like were Crimgan, Garbodor, etc, but purely because of design. A lot of the ones I disliked before I kind of liked more because of battling, lol, like Tornadus. :x

But yeah, overall, Crimgan/Druddigon should probably be deleted.
WHAT?! I think Druddigon looks totally kick ass! lol Just my opinion though. And Garbador is just a reboot of Muk and I never really liked Muk. The gothitelle and it's evolutions look so ridiculous to me. I don't like them at all. I like the monkey trio excep the water form. Simsear has to be my new favorite pokemon. It and Timburr. And it's evolved forms.
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