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Originally Posted by DrFuji View Post
Aww... I like AFL... D:

I guess I'll get the ball rolling if anyone still wants to chime in. Man, the Giants didn't have a good debut, did they? They definitely have a few hard years ahead of them if their match against the Swans confirms anything. Maybe they could take out a few of the lower teams like Port Adelaide or Brisbane but it would still be one hell of a struggle. Despite switching codes last year and being paid like a quadzillion dollars for doing so, Folau barely did anything.

One kick + One tackle + Two handballs = Money well spent lol
See before this I didn't know you were Aussie. Great meeting experience tbh, cause Aussie staff growing :3

Tbh I'm glad they failed, the more worse teams = the better for Crows if that makes sense lol.

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