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I'm tired of all of us calling you out mid-topic of another thread, and actually.. it's 3:30 in the morning, and I was going to bed after having a darn good day, but then I refresh the page and somebody unbanned you. I'm completely tired of this. Maybe if any of us would've met you under different circumstances we might've gotten along, because apparently there's a common interest in the way of Pokemon? Regardless, the way that you came in here screwed things up, and I have no idea what Steve was thinking, no idea what the other admins were thinking, and to be honest I've lost respect for some of them. I had no respect for you to begin with, because it was a bit like being hit with a ton of bricks all at once.

Yeah, it's just a forum, and maybe none of us, including you should be taking it so seriously, but it's also a forum that a lot of us care a good amount about, and someone coming in here acting like they own the place just because they've got connections with Steve, is really annoying. We've been here for a long time, and it's functioned just fine without changing so many things.

You were banned, and it should've stayed that way, even though I figured it wouldn't. I'm not surprised that an admin being banned by an s-mod wouldn't get hella mad, but our H-staff know what they're doing, our mods know what they're doing it, and please let us work, and take things slowly. My god, just. Wow. I hate this. Don't be so quick to grade us, don't belittle our ranks, and please don't demote any of us. A lot of us are friends in some ways, and I really don't wanna see them get kicked out. :/

Just wanted to say this, and I felt it was unfitting in one of the threads that were already going.

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