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Going to merge this with the help thread sticky in case someone better versed with breeding has something to add.

From memory though (and assuming this is HGSS as DPPt I don't believe have the breeding properties for the power items) they don't make the IV for that stat 31 - they just pass down the IV the Pokemon holding it has in that stat, so if they didn't have max speed/special attack then a non-perfect IV for the respective one would have been passed.

As for the defence not being passed, that's down to luck. Only three stats from the parents may be passed down in total, so it's up to chance.
In Platinum, what was the point of Marley in the Victory Road? Just curious...
No real point, I suppose, just another 'hey explore this area with a partner' game mechanic. That and afterwards you can battle her in the Fight area/battle with her in the battle tower, so there is some other benefits of going there I suppose besides the usual.