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My Giveaway

1st April 2012 Marks the 15th Anniversary of the first pokemon episode ever to be aired on TV. So I've created this special giveaway to commemorate this event. So here is my very own Ash's Pikachu!

Lv.100 Pikachu ♂
OT: Ash | ID No: 00001
Naughty | Static
Volt Tackle | Iron Tail | Thunderbolt | Quick Attack
EVs: 128 Atk | 130 SpA | 252 Spe
IVs: 31|31|31|31|31|31
Hatched: Prof. Oak's Lab in Pallet Town

  • This Event is only ready for you thanks to the help of Mac of York and smithy 1164
  • Do not alter his Nick name, EVs, IVs, or Moveset.
  • This Pikachu is Non-Redis meaning you can't trade it.
  • The Giveaway will start on 1st April but you may request him before then.
  • Do not upload this Pikachu to sites such as Pokecheck as a public pokemon.
  • Distribution will begin on 4th April 2012
  • This Pikachu is only available on 5 Gen games (Black and White)