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Originally Posted by Mr.KoolAid View Post
Hi, i am trying to use pokescript to script events in a fire red rom.

I am having a lot of problems i was hoping someone could help me out with.

Basically, every time i script something (i use the templates they give us) i than hit save (save to its own folder, is this right? - as a .pks or whatever) and than i dont know what to do, with the offsets.

What offset to i set to the event? for trainers is it the one it says in PET? and after i am done with all the scripting stuff, do i compile or decompile? and from there what do i do???

Please help me!!!
If you were using PKSV which it says you're not, you type the offset for @start or @main and put it into advanced map, after hitting compile ofcourse.

Now for my own question, i've scripted a dozen or so events that involve interacting with things and i've gotten the hang of it, but i am trying to make a script that triggers when you step on the tile. You know like when you havent progressed enough and someone comes and rejects you from walking into a new area, or a rival battle when you walk on the tile. I've tried everything, can anyone give me some guidance? does it need a lock/faceplayer or lockall? or pauseevent 0x0? any help would be appreciated.
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