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    Originally Posted by Dabulewicz View Post
    I just had an idea lol but this would probably be more fit fora 4th gen pokemon hack of digimon. Second season say like for Veemon his ability would be multitype and change the plates into the digi eggs lol perhaps an ideal for a follow up sequel to your sequel if 4th gen hacking gets stronger. But of course anything can happen. The tamers idea was just because i like Guilmon alot more xD
    Also dinobeemon does digivolve into another digimon other than what you've got posted. So i suggest to keep it in the first 3 seasons lol and also i think dinobeemon has little to nothing to do with the creation of palidon inperialdramon. But just a branch off to another digiline
    And for puttimon, who is that gonna be digivolved into? I assume renamon but she usualy comes from a viximon
    Considering this hack might take anywhere between 2 and 4 years, by the time I'm finished I imagine 4th gen hacking will be much more popular. So we'll see about a sequel then.

    If by dinobeemon's other digivolution you mean GranKuwagamon, I will be including him in Kuwagamon's digiline. Although both are canonically correct, I don't agree with it personally.

    Dinobeemon has everything to do with paladin imperialdramon lol. Stingmon and ExVeemon DNA digivolve into Dinobeemon, then Dinobeemon digivolves to Palidramon, then to Imperialdramon, and finally to Paladin Imperialdramon via DNA digivolving Imperialdramon with Omnimon. It all starts with DNA digivolving Stingmon with ExVeemon to get Dinobeemon on one end, and MetalGarurumon with WarGreymon on the other end. So yes Dinobeemon is definitley necessary for Paladin Imperialdramon's digiline.

    Puttimon will either digivolve to viximon, tokomon, or nyaromamon. Those three respectively lead to Renamon, Patamon, and Salamon's digilines, where you will get Kyubimon, Angemon, and Gatomon from. So on and so forth, with potentially other digilines along the way.
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