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I thought pokescript and pksv were different, could be wrong. Anyways, the script generator in pksv should have an @start, it will be the second line. Once you've made your script you press compile and it will spit out a few offsets depending how many dynamic ones you've made. two windows will pop up, go to the one saying dynamic offsets and it will say something like

@start <-> 0x746286 (0x18 bytes) <-----this is the only offset you will put
@talk <-> 0x74629E (0x6F bytes) into advanced map
@move <-> 0x74630D (0x2 bytes)

just take 0x746286 (@start) and remove the 0x and put it into advanced map in the script offset box.
$00746286 <--- it needs a $ and the two 0s at the front

those are example offsets, yours will be different. hope i helped.
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