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    I was brainstorming some story elements for my hack, and I had the idea that one of the towns would be pretty much destroyed at some point in the story. I've thought of a few ways I could go about showing this, but there's a few snags that each method would have.

    First, I would have a *large* setmaptile script that would end up replacing all the buildings with their burnt down versions. However, this is a REALLY big city, so this script would be really long and a pain to write, and it might make the tileset too large, but this way would probably be the easier route to take.

    The other way I thought of would be to make a separate map, possibly with its own tileset if need be, and just have the warps change in the route gates after a certain point. But with this method, if you tried to fly to the city, I dont know how to make sure it takes you to the destroyed version instead of the normal version.

    I was thinking of involving Celebi-time-travel in the story, where you would go back in time to stop the city from being destroyed, so after you fix the timeline to where the city isnt destroyed, the city would need to go back to normal.

    Im guessing the setmaptile script would end up being the easier way of doing this, but Id like some other people's thoughts on how I might go about doing this.

    (Graphics, story, and fakemon elements are my forte. Scripting is not whatsoever, so Im not sure what exactly is possible with this sort of thing)