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    Originally Posted by redriders180 View Post
    Thank you both. It's probably just because of my poor sense of scale...I feel like I'm going through free space very quickly. It's fairly difficult to comprehend sixteen million pieces of data. I'll just forge ahead, and if I run out of space, I'll expand it, since there's no harm done.
    If done "right", it's impossible to run out of space - even if you do major coding with the game and make it completely different than it used to be (many GBA roms are 8MB so you could basically add another game inside your hacked rom if you wanted to and make a possibility of choosing which game to play after the intro is gone through).

    However, the thing that takes a lot of room is doing minor changes to the scripts, texts, map data etc. you edit afterwards because I believe that the tools, that support repointing, will always leave the original data in the rom you edited afterwards and even by expanding long datas with a byte or two, you can already double the size it uses in the rom file.

    To do the job "better" would be by opening a hex editor and doing a copy --> paste of the data you wish to repoint so that you'd be repointing it manually instead (yet it's no way impossible to just put down the offsets that define the data you wish to repoint, repoint the data) and then could delete the original data (by changing it to FF's in this case). That way, you could save a lot of space but it's up to you whether to use this method or not.
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