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Poster?! POSTER?! I call broken fourth wall! >:O


I travel with Palkia, to Ganon's castle.

ME: Wow, I wonder how hard it'll be to get to the top...
PALKIA: You have a flying water deity, why don't you find out? :/
ME: Oh right.

Me and Palkia fly to the top of Ganon's castle..

ME: *climbs inside the window*
GANON: So, you've came for them--wait you're not that bat, that cat with a chainsaw, Bowser or that other guy! So who are you!
ME: I'm Shaymin's owner. Palkia, it's time to claim who's rightfully ours.
PRINCESS ZELDA: Me? Well, you're not Link but you'll do--
ME: No! That Shaymin!
PALKIA: *breaks the castle's wall*
ME: Now, everyone, fear the taste of a Drago Meteor.

*from afar*
LINK: I'm going to save Princess Zelda...again. Why did she get involved with those weirdos with the hedgehog?
*castle gets destroyed by falling meteors*
LINK: I'm screwed. Hopefully she had the Triforce of--
ME: *flys out of the rubble with Zelda and Shaymin* *spots Link* Land in front of Link, Palkia!
Palkia: *lands*
ME: *carries Zelda to Link* Here's your princess. Bye bye, now...*gets on Palkia and goes to where darkpokeball is* *destroys that place too with Drago Meteor* *goes back to the Pokemon World*

ME: Now, let's relax for a while. *sits in the flower patch that's in Pallet Town* Hopefully if someone steals it they don't go into another dimension or something. >.>

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