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    Originally Posted by Mateo View Post
    Whoa, looking good as always mate! I'm really impressed by how well this is coming along, and all the creative features you've been adding in. I'm really curious to explore these places more fully. Very well done!
    Great to hear, especially from you

    Originally Posted by Swift sword View Post
    Man, the amount of scripting and ASM knowledge this must take....I can tell you're very, very talented.

    I'm really looking forward to the full release; the screenshots are extremely impressive. I'll probably run a Nuzlocke of it, actually!
    Actually, only a very small amount of it is assembly because the scripting codes for loading all that "A, B, C..., OK" stuff point to things that need to be written in hex. I needed assembly to define whether the code that you entered was right though.

    Thanks for very positive comments though
    However, I'm not sure if you can "Nuzlocke" through the game or not. There are certain pokemon you can't release (including your starter) and besides, those pokemon must be in party to go through some special events. If it doesn't matter if you just keep them in your party and do absolutely nothing with them, it should be possible but I still don't know yet.

    About updates, nothing to be shown today - I'll probably upload a mapshot of Area 116 in "Map Rating" thread so check it out if you feel like it.

    Beta 3.0 ~80% complete.
    The places are in the order they are gone through in the game.

    Places already in Beta 2.2 - > 95%
    Area 107 - 100%
    Milky Village - 100%
    Area 108 - 100%
    Grand Tower - 100%
    Area 109 - 100%
    The Jungle - 100%
    Area 110 - 100%
    Area 111 - 100%
    Argent Warehouse - 100%
    Area 112 - 100%
    ??? - 100%
    Area 116 - ~25%
    Western Lake - 0%
    Deep Cavern - 0%

    And there will likely be lots of other stuff to be seen too so it will still take a little while for me to get the next release up but I'm trying to best I can to keep my followers entertained
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