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Originally Posted by Lerroux View Post
Wish granted. Next time show some damn respect.

I have had it with this. You people crossing me at every turn when all I'm trying to do is help you make the forum what it has the potential to be. But you can't work with me on that, so I've had enough. Expect to see demotions shortly for those of you with warnings and earn some damn respect before you post in my forum.
I like how you're demoting people for thinking you're an *******, which is 100% accurate of us to think. You seem very insecure.

I'm not going to kiss your ass just because you have power or because you're threatening me by saying you'd remove me. I hate when people do that to me around here, so why should I do it to you? Get the **** off of your high horse and come back earth a little you stupid ass *****. You're an admin on a Pokémon forum, way to go. You're no god. lmao