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    New break. This should be something fun to debate. My home state of California is deciding whether public universities should ask students to include their orientation on their paperwork when they apply for admission. Ostensibly it's to make sure there are enough support services for LGBT students on the campuses, but some say it's wading into some murky privacy territory.

    [the article]

    So would you want your prospective school to ask this? Would you answer it?

    I-I wouldn't mind answering, cause I don't mind who knows... it's not that big of a deal for me to be open about it...

    But for the sake of others, I feel that as long as the information remains strictly confidential that it could be fine. It's still really odd to have that field on official paperwork though... it just doesn't seem at all necessary. It's personal information that isn't on a need-to-know basis.. :