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Kilik Chambers

Still going through the forest, Kilik made sure he wasn't being followed. So far none. He found the tree he lived in. He made sure no one was around the tree. No one to see, so he started climbing the tree into his home. Won't be here for a while. He found his pair of gloves on the floor. That's that, now to venture to Mt. Coronet. He packed the stuff in his basket into his backpack & put some others away. Fully prepared & packed, he climbed down the tree, making sure to avoid attention, & ran off.

Putting the gloves on, Kilik ventured out of the forest, walked through Eterna City as Reiki tries to make a conversation. "What will we do in Mt' Coronet exactly?" He asked Kilik.

"Maybe train, relieve my boredom, find some answers."


"I don't know." Kilik didn't feel like talking at the moment. Reiki knew this & stayed quiet. Kilik was nearing the cave entrance to Mt. Coronet, looking deep inside. "You ready for the adventure?" He asked his Lucario Pokespirit.

"Ready." He gestured. They both nodded to each other after a moment of silence, & then walked inside. Kilik would start his exploration, now.

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