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omg must

1. How much respect do you have for authority? They rule this site and soon this world so I have utmost respect. I will do whatever they tell me.
2. How much will you do for this forum? Well, I plan on dropping out of school and sleeping two hours a day to properly manage my moderation time. I will always be on.
3. Why do you feel you should be a moderator here? Well, I'm obviously the best member here; it'd be ridiculous to choose someone else. But for the few who don't know: I'm social, fun, friendly, online often, kind, gentle, passionate, smart, wise, patient, respected, talented, fascinating, intriguing, amazing, cute, and irresistible.
4. Where would you like to moderate? blogs Art Gallery But if possible, I'd like to be promoted straight to administrator.
5. What skills do you posess? I can tell the difference between your and you're. This is a talent very, very little people possess. Also I am very adorable.

I'll be waiting for your VM or PM (:

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