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1. How much respect do you have for authority?
I have a lot of respect for PC cos I love it here! I always have respect.

2. How much will you do for this forum?
I will do a lot, to help cement us as one of the most popular Pokemon forums on the planet.

3. Why do you feel you should be a moderator here?
Because I haven't held any staff positions except for one other forum. Plus I'm very popular with others here.

4. Where would you like to moderate?
Other Trivia & Pokemon Trivia, I guess it would be nice to get BinaryPeaches' old job plus I'm so active there.

5. What skills do you posess?
I have good online experience and I have good leadership skills.

Correction: Both Other Trivia and Pokemon Trivia. I can't wait to get Peachy's old position...