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well my laptop background is Jessie and James.
I've pretty much memorised all team rocket mottos and I don't just mean the basics, I mean stuff like:
Now you're in for a bunch of trouble
We're eating lunch so make it double
To eat and drink to our hearts content
Without having to spend a single cent
To denounce to evils of paying for food
We won't leave a single sample unchewed
Team Rocket loves scoffing down free samples at the speed of light
yes, and we like to eat even more then we like to fight, fight, fight
Meowth that's right.

I aply them to relavent situations. If there's not a motto that fits then I tend to make them up. I also have all motto background music on my portible as well as 'Double Trouble', 'It will all be mine' and the team rocket theme as well as the team rocket battle theme from Heart Gold/Soul Silver and the Team Rocket base from Red/Blue. I play them a lot.
My last fancy Dress party i was a team rocket grunt. I've kept the shirt and now wear it casually.
I also tend to do James' voice. A lot. I now actually make those little yelps and whines if something happens.
So yeah I'm a Team Rocket freak :D
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