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    "Dragon Claw" Ichigo yelled while he slash the thin air with immense energy.
    "You are improving" Said Cero "Now do Iron Tail"
    Ichigo tail turned silver and then he spin, slashing the tree and cutting it with his tail.
    "Great Ichigo, you doing great."
    Ichigo looked at the skies, it was already 12 in the morning; he trained all the night near the cave. Cero is a good friend, I didn`t had one a long time Ichigo thought with pleasure, every time he uses one of his moves he feel that he gets stronger, and by that he feel that he get closer to his goal, to defeat Nicholas.
    "Ok Ichigo you trained enough for the day, take a break." The blue fire surround Ichigo like always and he become normal again.
    Ichigo went to the river and drank the fresh water, after so much training the touch of cold water stunned him. Then Ichigo went to the cave, he grabbed some herbs from the stock that he collected a few days ago, and ate them.
    "Cero" Ichigo said
    "What?" Cero responded
    "I think we should leave this place, I want to find other Pokespirit wielders, maybe I will find out some allies"
    "I think it`s a good idea, tomorrow, we will leave, as for now we need to train more, there is one more thing I need to teach you; For now rest, in the evening we will train"
    Ichigo found a nice place to sleep and he covered himself in the blanket his brother gave him; he thought about his brother and his friends, and after a long time, he smiled.
    "There are two types of fights. Whenever we are in battle, we must be one of the two. The fight for life or…the fight for pride! Right now…He is fighting for his pride! His wife’s pride…his men's pride…Most importantly…his own personal pride. Dismiss this as his stubbornness…and let him fight alone like this…" -Jushiro Ukitake, Bleach-

    "It's meaningless to just live, it's meaningless to just fight. I want to win!" -Ichigo Kurosaki, Bleach-
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