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While I take a walk with Hypno, I notice something weird.

ME: Oh no! Shaymin's gone!
HYPNO: Well don't just stand there, go and get the cute little hedgehog that can keep my power in control when you have her. Go on, go!

I hear a shrill scream. It's from darkpokeball! Rouge has kidnapped him...and Shaymin in the process!

ME: They're going into the Galactic HQ! *run*

*in the Galactic HQ, on the top floor*

ROUGE: *breaks in with darkpokeball and Shaymin* *sets both of them down albeit rough* Hello.
CHARON: SH-SH-Shaymin! Yes! Finally we have a legendary in our possession!
ROUGE: Not without a price though, if you catch my drift.
CHARON: Yes, certainly! *hands lots of Pokedollars*
ROUGE: Meh, this won't work. How about something valuable? How about that ball over there?
CHARON: A master ball? Well...that could work...*hands the ball* Be careful now, it's dangerous when not in a human's hands!
ROUGE: What do you mean--
DPB: *knocks the Pokeball in her face*
ME: *walks in* What's going on!?
ROUGE: AAAAAHHHHHHH *not captured* ...whew. *sliced and diced by Chainsaw Meowth*
Chainsaw Meowth: Dats for kidnappin' da boss!
DPB: Thanks Chainsaw Meowth.
CHARON: Y-yes! *throws Shaymin at Chainsaw Meowth's chainsaw and runs*
Shaymin: Min? *sliced*
DPB and ME: NO!!!!
ME: While we stitch up Shaymin, we need to have a talk about bringing other characters from this dimension.

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