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    Update: I finished 15 more digimons' stats, including agumon and terriermon's main lines, and parts of veemon and wormmon's lines. I've also decided that if your stingmon/exveemon are both female you will receive Dinobeemon who will digivolve to Imperialdramon Dragon Mode, or if they're both female you will receive Palidramon who will digivolve into the Fighter Mode, both of which can be combined with omnimon to form each ones paladin mode(though canonically I don't think the dragon mode has a paladin mode.) Note also that these two Digimon will probably be the strongest digimon in the game, but their EVs will be significantly less than any other digimon once they reach level 100. You will probably only have 10 levels to gain EVs(as you will receive either as a level 90 digimon) so depending on how I adjust their stats and which EVs you get, you could end up with either a very week or an extremely powerful level 100 digimon. So I'll be taking extra care in making them as perfect as I can.
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