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    Cira & Alex Gaile - Under the Vatican, Rome, Italy

    "Please, Alex, Cira, follow me to my dining room!" The Librarian cheered with a clap of his hands. Along the way, Cira took in the view of the place. Still beautiful to look at, even after the first glance. The room they were led to was no less eye-catching, with an amazing kitchen and a well-crafted dining set. Overtop of the tables were a stunning amount of fresh sweets and treats, Alex almost couldn't resist dropping his jaw.

    "Please, sit!" Otto had already taken her seat, and looked pretty bored... or tired. Maybe both. "Eat what you wish, I made it all myself while waiting for dearest Adeline here. It's all delicious, I assure you." With only four seats at the table, the father-son pair took the chairs situated next to each other. After the Librarian split the aforementioned tart amongst everyone (after which Cira politely thanked him, and Alex tried his best to not make a mess, though he usually finished all his dessert anyways), he started to explain himself... sort of. He got off-topic on Otto's nickname.

    "You see, Adeline's ability is a fascinating one. Spiderweb from her fingertips! And if you don't know Italian, 'Otto' is 'eight' in Italian! Do you see it? A spider? Eight legs?" It roused a chuckle out of Cira's father, and Adeline had to get him back on track.

    "Now, yes, my life's work is the history and abilities of Atlantis and its people," and he started to list off a few questions. When he was finished, he turned more directly to Alex and Cira, "What I need from you two is a small donation and with that, I get closer and closer. I'm closing in on these answers and with two from the same family with such different abilties, it could just answer so many questions!"

    Cira continued the mostly one-sided conversation, his father currently more interested in the delicious food. "What kind of 'donation' are you looking for? It'd be difficult to believe you need monetary support." The options weren't scarce, even for a three minute span like Otto described. Blood sample, genetic material, even showing off what they could of their abilities.

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